European Convention of Human Rights

Our expertise and commitment to this complex field are unrivalled. We act for individuals, groups of people and organizations who have a case which can be judged by the European Court of Human Rights. Before taking a case to the European Court of Human Rights, it is necessary to pursue legal proceedings before national courts in Romania for breach of your human rights. However, if proceedings were unsuccessful in providing a satisfactory remedy, then an application can be made to the European Court of Human Rights.

Anca Ghencea – Independent Law Practice has represented clients taking their human rights claims to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. We have represented clients bringing cases in relation to violations of different human rights breaches: the property right; non-execution of final judgments; nonpayment of compensation due/restitution law; annulment without compensation and non attributable to the applicant; coexistence of two property titles regarding the same plot; access to Court; civil proceedings – fair hearing; child care.

The main legal services we provide in this field are related to the following: a preliminary examination of the case concerning the admissibility criteria for each claim submitted to this international court; representation before the European Court of Human Rights: writing the individual application; drawing up the subsequent correspondence with the Court; drawing up of written pleading as part of the case trial on the merits; supervision of enforcement of the ECHR decision by the Romanian Government; we provide consultancy in this matter in domestic judicial proceedings by drawing up legal opinions concerning the Case Law of European Court.