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Anca Ghencea has been a lawyer in the Bucharest Bar Association since 1997 and has a successful career built on some simple principles: few and satisfied clients, thorough specialization, reasonable fees.

Anca Ghencea is a lawyer specializing in civil litigation, commercial litigation and the European Convention on Human Rights. Her expertise in these fields has been acquired through courses at the most prestigious European universities as well as through her work at the European Court of Human Rights.

Taking over a client and a new case is done after a careful analysis of the file and only if there are real chances of success, otherwise alternative ways of solving the problem are recommended.

Anca Ghencea is a lawyer dedicated to the client’s case and meticulously follows all the legal ways to ensure and maximize the possible success in the taken case.

She establishes the strategy to be followed for a litigation or a negotiation after a professional dialogue with the client, who is informed about all the possibilities that the law and the judicial practice offer in their case.

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Integrity defines the personality and activity of the lawyer Anca Ghencea. In troubled times like the ones we are going through, trust in the law and the consequence of pursuing a just and correct solution is a profession of faith.

The client has a correct and loyal advisor who follows the client’s interest in all judicial or administrative proceedings.

Anca Ghencea chose to be a lawyer who has managed projects with multiple litigations and complex legal strategies, being effectively engaged in their development, from beginning to completion.

The client’s representation before the courts is always ensured by lawyer Anca Ghencea herself.

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